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Hey there, fellow rental hunter! Trey with Apartment Home Living back with you once again, eager to show you that finding new Eastside homes for rent has never been easier. Everyone knows that finding a perfect place that’s as unique as you are is hard work – fortunately, it doesn’t have to be! I’ve assembled more rental homes in Tucson than you can shake a stick at (whatever that actually means...), so dive in to the wide array of rental homes in Eastside below.

knows that rocking a new rent house, condo, duplex or apartment is the way to go. After all, what better setup could ever offer you the same degree of freedom, extra space, economic savings and convenience? Just think of it – no more mowing your own lawn (except in some certain cases), no worrisome multi-year mortgage, plenty of closet space, and those pesky property taxes? What property taxes? Yep, rentals in Eastside are definitely the way to go for a smart cookie such as yourself.

And what a city it is! Chock full of nightlife (be sure and put your dancing shows near the front of your roomy new closet for easy access), fine dining options, historic landmarks and an eye-popping assortment of cultural destinations (dig those museums and art galleries!), a Tucson rental home puts a world of amenities at your fingertips. Of course, all of the money you’ll be saving on paying low rent instead of a hefty mortgage will free you up to peruse the local shops at a leisurely pace. Treat yourself to one a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture from one of the many local artisans and make it a touchstone of your new Eastside home for rent! After all, you’ve earned it.

Do you consider yourself to be the great outdoors-type? Well, Tucson homes for rent have got you covered on that front as well! Explore the area’s many parks, recreation areas and biking trails, most located just a hop, skip and jump from a myriad of Eastside houses for rent as well apartments, duplexes, condos and townhomes in the area too. Grab your favorite four-legged friend for a game of Frisbee, or relax in quiet solitude with a good book under an even better tree. Heck, considering that many rental homes in Eastside come with private back yards, odds are you won’t have to travel further than a few short steps to find the relaxation you so richly deserve!

So what are you waiting for? Eastside rental homes are practically calling your name! Combining affordability, convenience and easy access to a world of exciting activities – apartments, condos, duplexes and rental homes in Eastside are a practical no-brainer. So start your search for the new home you have been longing for among the many Tucson homes for rent today, and start living your dream tomorrow!
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Official Eastside Homes For Rent Prices & Pics for April 18, 2015. Check Availability!

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home for rent 3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1200 1 of 15  see next picture »
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9483 Lanterra Ct E Tucson, AZ 85710 USA

Happiness isn't far away at all.

3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1200

Call: (520) 250-5109

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1 1556074 32.2223, -110.7902 local: (520) 250-5109
home for rent 4 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1050 1 of 14  see next picture »
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1820 Berthed Pl S Tucson, AZ 85710 USA

4 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1050

Call: (520) 886-6023

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2 1573861 32.1999, -110.7949 local: (520) 886-6023
home for rent 3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1125 1 of 13  see next picture »
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10390 Passkey Dr E Tucson, AZ 85748 USA

A higher standard of living.

3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1125

Call: (520) 881-4884

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3 1554584 32.2301, -110.7708 local: (520) 881-4884
home for rent 3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1250 1 of 24  see next picture »
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2366 Dovestar Trl S Tucson, AZ 85748 USA

3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1250

Call: (520) 882-2865

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4 1566299 32.1946, -110.7789 local: (520) 882-2865
home for rent 3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $995 1 of 7  see next picture »
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1626 Olympic Club Dr S Tucson, AZ 85710 USA

Call us today about our current specials.

3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $995

Call: (520) 319-0753

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5 1531181 32.2016, -110.8045 local: (520) 319-0753
home for rent 3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1200 1 of 13  see next picture »
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1825 Sleepy Hollow Ave S Tucson, AZ 85710 USA

Take our tour and fall in love.

3 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $1200

Call: (520) 318-5711

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6 1550444 32.1995, -110.8128 local: (520) 318-5711

Places in Eastside, Tucson, Arizona

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Middle Schools
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32.21721, -110.78999
350 S. Harrison Tucson, Arizona 85748 USA
(520) 731-4600
place 5